So Many Resources!!

Down the Rabbit Hole” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by valkyrieh116

I found myself going down a rabbit hole, quickly!!! My search led to more information than I could handle as it was all interesting and I wanted to use everything!!! Then I remembered…MIND MAP! I forgot to do a mind map to try to narrow down my search and be specific about what I wanted to look for and remember that I was looking for resources for my students, not for me! My mind map was a quick sketch…

I started my search on and quickly realized that it wouldn’t meet my needs, interesting though for sure!

Next, I went to the eCampusOntario Open Textbook Library and found a great chapter that introduced Personality Disorders. My favourite part about this resource is that it is CANADIAN!!! This search has really made me realize that I need to do some more searching and put more thought into open textbooks for my courses! Below is the chapter I hope to use to introduce students to the basics of Personality Disorders.

Next, I went to and found this one quite interesting. I loved that there is a variety of resources such as videos, links, and my favourite, learning exercises! I’m hoping to spend some more time on there looking at other topics beyond personality disorders. Some of the resources I found that will be useful for me to use with my students are a Learning Exercise having students complete a 70-item online personality questionnaire that provides a rough indicator of temperament and correlates .75 with the Myers-Briggs method of personality assessment. This will begin a discussion about “what is personality.”

I also found a great video on how to tell the difference between Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder, which is something I often spend a lot of time helping students try to understand.

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