SoTL #5 and #6 Reflecting on and Sharing my SoTL Plan

I am so on the same page as Irene Stewart in her post and I hope she will be happy to know that I did make it to the end of the post!

In looking at my SoTL plan, I wonder if I can even attempt to do this?? The course I would like to do this in is in the Winter so have limited time to come up with an OER, I don’t have any time on my already packed workload to do any research or OER development and have two littles at home so limited in my time and I will be honest, research scares me! The whole process of even going to the REB for approval frightens me!

So, how much energy should I put into something that I might not be able to realistically do?? Should I have chosen a smaller project/research question? In looking at it, I did change something for this course last year to try to get students into the readings more, should I just use that again this year and more formally research/document it? I think I should probably go back and look at my plan with a more realistic view and see what I actually can do and go from there…should I???? But I am so interested in OER’s!!!!!
What to do, what to do?!?!?!

I have updated my SoTL plan to include some ideas for how I might disseminate the findings of my research once I get to that point. You can view that here:

At the beginning of this Scholar journey, my research questions included :

Many students, if not all, are not doing required readings/exercises prior to coming to class or do not buy the text at all. Why is this?

What will get them interested in engaging in the material?

What might support them in engaging more in these materials? What barriers do they have with regards to doing this piece of course work?

What are their perceptions about the consequences of not doing this?
Question: How can I get the students more engaged with required reading materials outside of class time so that they come to class with a base level of knowledge, prepared to engage in discussions and activities related to the topic, rather than have me just regurgitate the reading?

Final Research Question: Will using an OER that I  have put together with more meaningful material increase the level of student engagement in required reading materials?

I didn’t have a ton of time to do the amount of research that I wanted but found a few articles to start the journey:

I honestly don’t have a plan of action as of yet. I am hoping that once this semester wraps up, I can do some proper research and try to look at this in a way that allows me to really see what others have done and try to put it together in the most meaningful way possible. My dissemination strategy is outlined in the google doc above 🙂

This is how I’m feeling right now!!!

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