Quizlet results

And the verdict is…..LOVE IT!!

But I learned a few things from this experience. Be very clear for students about the fact that not everything on the test will be covered on quizlet (they need to review the rest of the course content). Also, to make sure that students understand how to use quizlet. The students loved using quizlet as a tool to prepare for their test, in fact, 70% of my students used it!

My plan is to continue using it for students in a variety of ways but making sure that I am communicating and that students understand that they are responsible for the rest of the course content we covered in class. I believe that the more we use it, the easier it will get for all of us! I loved hearing that different students used different tools on there (ie. matching, flash cards, fill in the blank, etc.) to meet their individual learning styles!

Another thing I did this week was attended a “Bento Box Lunch and Learn” Ed Tech Webinar through eCampus Ontario! It was so informative and I loved hearing Joanne Kehoe and Terry Greene present to us about new Techie Tools! I am very excited to attempt H5P this week but have to remember a lesson I learned already….start small!!!! I plan to just take it one step at a time so¬† as not to overwhelm myself! I will let you know how that goes!

Techie Out.


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