Mapping my PLN

Photo from Chris Jobling

I decided to use Coggle to map my PLN and quickly learned a few things! One, you have to pay to be able to use extra features which I wasn’t prepared to do as am not 100% certain if I will continue to use it.

Not having access to certain features made it difficult to connect some of the nodes and people in my PLN to each other if they were in different nodes. I also couldn’t necessarily identify the strength of my connections.

The other thing I learned was that using a new tool can take a bit of time! I hadn’t used Coggle before so I had to give myself a quick tutorial using You Tube and Google to answer some of my questions. It worked out just fine though as Coggle is a fairly straight forward program to use. I can see how it might be useful to use in the classroom.’s-pln-educational-technology/1ca9e500712abe1695ae962bb667e60881f2f761ca2934b23ca97b7f9e8c04d5

When mapping my PLN, I realized that I might not be using my local supports and network enough. There are several faculty and staff at Sault College that I should be connecting with more and collaborating on ideas. That is something I intend to do moving forward.

I did some searching for people that I might like to connect with /follow on Twitter to look at sharing our own practices, challenges, solutions, expertise about our roles of educators and ed tech gurus. I found a few people in the United States, and am hoping to expand my PLN in Canada a bit more as well. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed though with there being so many people trying so many wonderful things!

This module has really pushed me to look at Collaboration and the way it is being done in my own work environment. I am going to try to get some more collaborative practices happening within our College so that we can tap into the resources and expertise that are already here! We don’t and shouldn’t work in isolation of each other!


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