Lessons learned…

So yesterday I mentioned creating course “trailers” for the students to get a snapshot of what the course is about….well what I didn’t do and lesson learned for sure, is research the best program to use before starting. I spent several hours working on my first trailer and when I went to open it today, it was gone!!! I didn’t realize that there were limits on the length in the free version of the program I signed up forĀ and it had not saved!

So lessons learned…

1.Research and be clear on product you sign up for BEFORE doing all of the work.

2. Slow down and breathe.

3 Today is a new day and I will just move forward from here!

What’s great about all of this for any of you reading, is that I will make the mistakes for you and you can learn from my mistakes!!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress….

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