Google Docs and more…

Well, I have used several different on line tools in my classes this past week. I reminded students that I will not be using ALL of these tools, EVERY week but was just introducing them to some of the tools in order for all of us to  get comfortable with them! One barrier I found was the wireless connection didn’t always work for everyone so became a glitch that took time to resolve or wait for and others began to become less interested in the mean time.

One of the tools I used which was extremely helpful was google docs. I meet with each  of my first year students individually at the beginning of the semester to see how they are doing and if they need anything. I also review their required placement documentation for the winter with them. Scheduling has always been a nightmare for these but this year I created a schedule on Google docs and just put the link into  an announcement on LMS. Each student went in and scheduled themselves for an open time slot! Its perfect! Only thing I’m not certain of is how to make it so that they can’t edit other people’s work. Anyone know the answer to that one?

So happy that these tools are helping me be more efficient with students and my time!!!

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