Desire 2 Learn

I have been tinkering with D2L and some of the things that it can do and started using the surveys tool. I surveyed my students about how they wanted to see the class time structured and love that I can make it anonymous so that students don’t feel they need to censor their responses. It is giving me the stats in a nice clear format and showing me the results I want!

Another tool I have used in the past but am trying to use more is the discussion boards. Setting up topics for the students, allows them to go in and have an open conversation about whatever that topic is related to the course content. I find that students aren’t using it as much as I would like but I will continue to encourage them to ask questions and express concerns they may have so that other students can give their feedback and so can I.

I will continue to share what I am doing on my course sites on D2L. Please feel free to share any thoughts or ideas!


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