Deep Dive and Lab Report

When reading the instructions for this Extend activity, I saw the first one that said
“take a look at these course trailers and make a 30 second commercial or trailer for your course.”

I got excited as I had already done a course trailer in another EdX course I took and wanted to do some fixes to it so I went ahead! I remember it being frustrating to work with Raw Shorts for the first time and with only having the free version, it limited me but I was able to manage. Here is what I made…nowhere near the professional videos on the Carleton website, but hey! I’m not a professional 🙂

Because I felt like this might be a bit of a cheat using something I created previously, and because I REALLY love to dive when it comes to this stuff, I decided to dive again into another activity. I started to look at Google Lit Trips but realized that it wasn’t going to be something that would benefit any of my courses at this time. Then I took a look at the Active Learning section of
 The Agora Project Challenge Bank  and complete one of the challenges. I was going to Rethink my Entire course using the Redesign Planning Document but realized that if I wanted to do that, I would need more time than I have (I only like to do things 110% or not at all)! So what can I do that will push me a bit out of my comfort zone, be relevant and applicable to my current work, and not be too onerous?!?! Create a Infographic to present data or explain a concept you say?! Well, here I go to the link, sign up for and bam! I’m hit with the realization that I need to think of a concept to make an infographic for…okay…the “Factor Table” we use in all three years of our program! I start searching for images and playing around with the program…an hour later and I still don’t even have an idea of how I want to do this. Getting frustrated, I close that window and go back to the drawing board.

Let’s try H5P!

I quickly realized after doing this, that the flash cards won’t work for my intended use so maybe I would try a memory game. I put in 15 memory cards and attempted to add pictures to them but kept getting an error message “invalid security token.” I reached out to fellow extenders to get help and when I went back to my memory game, it DELETED!!!! All my work disappeared! h

What I learned from doing this?!? That my tolerance is not great right now!!! I am completely frustrated and plan to come back to this when I have done some mindfulness and brought myself back down! I also reached out to Terry Greene (thank you thank you). He is my saviour! I just needed someone to walk me through a few things and I appreciate the help…a reminder that when you get to a place of feeling completely defeated, reach out to others!!!

I hope to get the memory game sorted and use it in my Psychopathology of Children and Adolescents 2 course to see where students are at in their knowledge of key terms before getting into the material. For now, I am going to find my zen place.

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