Finished product!

I have finished my first course “trailer!” I think I did an okay job but there were a few lessons learned for sure! I used a website called which gave me an option to access a free (although limited) subscription. This is what the end result was!

It isn’t the greatest but will be fun to  show students and now that I have it, I can use it every year and edit if I wanted! It took me longer than I expected because I wasn’t familiar with the program but I plan to find a program that our College has access to or that is free on line so I can support anyone with questions!

Feel free to comment or ask any questions if you do!


Lessons learned…

So yesterday I mentioned creating course “trailers” for the students to get a snapshot of what the course is about….well what I didn’t do and lesson learned for sure, is research the best program to use before starting. I spent several hours working on my first trailer and when I went to open it today, it was gone!!! I didn’t realize that there were limits on the length in the free version of the program I signed up for and it had not saved!

So lessons learned…

1.Research and be clear on product you sign up for BEFORE doing all of the work.

2. Slow down and breathe.

3 Today is a new day and I will just move forward from here!

What’s great about all of this for any of you reading, is that I will make the mistakes for you and you can learn from my mistakes!!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress….

Onwards and Upwards!

Back into the grind of things today….looking at my courses and getting them ready for the new semester coming up. So excited to implement everything I have learned about technology over the past few months!

My biggest challenge at this point though is to remind myself to SLOW DOWN!! I need to step back and take it one day at a time and one “technology” at a time! Today, I am going to attempt to create a 30 second course trailer/commercial for one of my courses. I will report back to let you know how it goes hopefully soon!

Melrad….the Experimenter!!

One of the attributes required for working towards developing technology enabled and on line teaching is being an Experimenter! This is my attempt to use this blog in such way to see how well I was listening to Alan!!

One of the things I have taken away from this week is the importance of Collaborating and the three of us at Sault College have been, and intend to continue to do so with the Algoma U peeps who are here with us! Check out this video about being a Collaborator!


Creating my own web page!

I was walked through the process of creating my own web page today. I will admit, I was EXTREMELY intimidated and nervous about starting this. The first attempt at doing this I got so far behind and lost the internet connection that I started to give up, I thought I might actually throw my computer. After taking a few moments away from my computer (so I didn’t throw it) and accessing the incredible support that was around me, I started back at it and it ended up being much easier than I had thought. What did I do that might have made the experience better the first time? I had too many windows open (which confused me) and I tried to jump ahead. Next time, Mel, just KISS (Keep It Simple Silly), slow down and one step at a time. Have any of you tried to do this and had similar (or different) experiences??

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog where I hope to explore and reflect on the use of technology in the classroom! I believe that it is important to consider the approach and context in which we design and deliver our course material in a way that meets the learning needs of the students we have in our classrooms. I am hoping that this blog will create a space for me to reflect as I journey through this and allow for people to comment, etc in this journey! I am going to try out different tools and share my experiences through my attempts! Read along as I find out the pros and cons of each!